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Timber treatment
Timber treatment


Effective timber protection is essential to meet building regulations and maximise the lifespan of your building.

We offer a range of preservative treatments at our on-site, computer-controlled vacuum treatment plant that will give your building materials a 60-year service life.
Treatments vary according to the usage class and desired lifespan of your timber.

Use Class 1 is the required treatment standard for internal dry wood applications, such as floor joists.

Use Class 2 is the treatment requirement for internal timber work at risk from wetting or insect attack, such as roof timbers or floor joists. 

Timber that will be installed outdoors, above ground level and coated – such as window frames and casings - should be treated to Use Class 3.1.



All of the timber we supply is treated to Use Class 2 as standard, and we can treat up to Use Class 3.1.

Our treatments provide protection against fungal and insect attacks and meet both UK building regulations and European quality standards without affecting the dimensions or moisture content of the timber.

We use the VACSOL® Aqua system, a waterborne product containing biodegradable fungicides and insecticides, which is approved by the National House Builders Council (NHBC) and UK Timber Frame Association.


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